2012-01-06 Sebastian PippingRemove dead function outputf_ascii() color-v5.1
2012-01-06 Sebastian PippingReduce to single translated call to fprintf, extract... color-v5
2012-01-06 Sebastian PippingMove output.(c|h) code to output_ascii.(c|h), make...
2012-01-05 Sebastian PippingRename parameter --color[=(yes|no)] to --format=(plain... color-v4
2012-01-05 Sebastian PippingMerge two enum parameters into a new one
2012-01-05 Sebastian PippingResolve flag OF_APPEND_NEWLINE, detect trailing newline
2012-01-05 Sebastian PippingResolve OF_FLUSH and flush unconditionally
2012-01-05 Sebastian PippingRevert addition of 2011 to copyright years
2012-01-05 Sebastian PippingApply patch v3
2012-01-05 Sebastian PippingSync with CVS
2011-11-14 Sebastian PippingSync with CVS
2011-10-11 Sebastian PippingAdd .gitignore
2011-10-11 Sebastian PippingInit with make CVS of 2011-10-11 21:10 UTC+2
2011-10-11 Sebastian PippingZero